What to look forward to at america’s largest outdoor farm show

Big tractors, large combines, high-speed tillage equipment, the latest in agritech.
Sounds like a dream checklist for any farmer, doesn’t it?
Well, in truth, this is just a taste of what you can expect to see at the Farm Progress Show, 2019.
An event dedicated to celebrating agriculture, this show provides a platform for engaging with like-minded agriculture enthusiasts and seeing what the best in the industry has to offer.
Here’s a quick glance at what we’re looking forward to!

What is the farm progress show?

The Farm Progress Show is the largest outdoor farming show in the United States. It’s an event where producers, suppliers, and manufacturers can meet, engage and discuss the latest agricultural developments; from new product lines to innovative technology.
In essence, it’s a melting pot of all things farming!
The 66th edition of this event will be held in Decatur, Illinois between the 27th and 29th of August.
You can find out more details about the show by clicking here.

The future of farming on display

There’s no denying that agriculture is a vast field that is evolving in many different ways.
To bring all these aspects together, the Farm Progress Show will feature 600+ exhibits from some of the biggest names in agriculture. These include the latest farm equipment, tractors, combines, farm implements, and other farm supplies and services.

Additionally, participants will also get to see some of these exhibits in action. Field demonstrations are a central part of the three-day event, and field demos will showcase a variety of new techniques and products like side-by-side tilling and precision equipment.

In all respects, this show is a great way to see what the future has to offer to cultivators all across the globe. To quote Agri Till’s director of Sales and Marketing for North America, Rohit Rajpal,

”The Farm Progress Show is a great place to understand and share insights about the agriculture markets in the US and around the world. We’re very excited to be showcasing our product line alongside so many great exhibits and participating in helping a wider community come together and grow.

We hope to see all you agri-enthusiasts there!”

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